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Agathsya Technologies has served a variety of industry sectors like Healthcare, Logistics, Education, Finance and Manufacturing & Supply Chain. We have expertise in working on challenging, real-time projects and have successfully completed over 40+ implementations across industries.

Healthcare Sector

Software solutions in the healthcare sector is an essential part of the system which enables better efficiency, better patient management and smarter outcomes in small and large healthcare facilities. Right from hospital management systems to medical imaging, technology has empowered healthcare providers drastically. It has brought the power of information on one’s fingertips to be able to make informed decisions.

The role of IT in healthcare stretches beyond just patient records. It has enabled communication between healthcare providers and patients. For instance, during the pandemic, online consultations saw a huge rise owing to restrictions on movement of people.

With advanced analytics and documentation being possible using software systems, healthcare providers be it small clinics or large hospitals, they are empowered to make proper decisions. Easier patient records management, means more time for healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

At Agathsya Technologies we have worked on several healthcare applications. We have the expertise to build and web and mobile healthcare applications. To list a few-

An application for management of pharmacy inventory for a leading USA based company
An application to manage employee's health specifically during the pandemic was developed for a leading government agency.
An application was developed for a Malaysia based company during the pandemic for COVID-19 testing purposes.

Gone are the days when we needed to visit banks for financial transactions, all we need now is an Internet enabled secure gadget. What was considered unimaginable has been made possible by the financial sector in terms of money transfers. It is smart devices and powerful technology that has made it possible to seamlessly transact in our everyday life.

When India was faced with the challenge of demonetization a few years ago that became a major game changer for digital financial transactions across the country. From then on there has been no looking back. Digital financial transactions have made things easier and faster across sectors.

Agathsya Technologies has worked on some key financial sector projects. The projects worked on are unique and complex and we have been able to successfully execute them. To list a few-

An investment advisory application that has real-time data exchanges from various fund houses in various data formats.
A could- based accounting and compliance software that is highly automated and GST compliant.
A cloud-based stock statement processing software that helps in process of loan sanctions.

Finance Sector

From trading stocks to managing your financial assets, almost anything is now possible with the power of software and handheld devices. Fintech has seen a drastic change due to emerging technologies and has been seeing continuous innovation to make financial transactions easy and secure. The key challenge going forward will be to sustain end user satisfaction and provide hassle free secure platforms.


The logistics sector worldwide has seen huge advantages with the use of technology. It involves complex systems dealing with large chunks of real-time data. Robust software systems are critical to manage large supply chains seamlessly to ensure timely delivery. The software systems developed for logistics needs to have a complete view of the operations down to the last miniscule detail to ensure customer satisfaction.

Facilitating real-time flow of information is a key factor for logistics to function successfully. Real-time dashboards, tracking software, data integration, are all critical components for a logistics firm. By ensuring robustness across these components, they will be able to manage their operations well and also provide customer satisfaction.

Technology in logistics industry has been instrumental in increasing efficiency, increasing productivity in supply chain and also reducing errors. It has helped tremedously to improve processes such labeling, to tracking delivery and also made it easy to communicate with customers.

Real-time tracking is one of the most critical factors for both the company and the end consumer. Software used for proper tracking has ensured cost savings and better planning.

At Agathsya Technologies, we have worked on some exciting logistics projects. To list a few-

A logistics application used for tracking high value products for an Indian company
A complete logistics application for a Dubai company on the basis of an offshore development center.
A cloud-based stock statement processing software that helps in process of loan sanctions.
Luggage tracking logistics system

Technology in the manufacturing sector allows for higher automation and thereby reduces human errors. For instance, in factories with assembly line processes, automation of the process will be more efficient and faster. Automated software ensures less errors as well.

With reduction of errors and wastage, automatically it leads to cost savings. Technology in manufacturing also reduces the number of workers required in the manufacturing plant, thereby also reducing human resource cost to company. Another benefit of manufacturing technologies is higher productivity which is a result of lower production time. This is in accordance with lesser time being taken between batches of production which also leads to higher profits.

Data driven systems in manufacturing has also led to better planning and forecasting. Analysis of the manufacturing work becomes easier and better structured. A number of real-time dashboards can be setup which gives one a bird’s eye view of the processes.

Agathsya Technologies has the expertise to build end-to-end systems for a manufacturing facility. To list a few-

A production planning system was developed for a India based supplier of parts to Aerospace and Defense organizations
A complete ERP has been developed for a leading India based grains exporter


The manufacturing sector is more dynamic than ever before, owing to the increase in consumer demand. Predicting consumer behavior, and needs is a challenging task and it requires efficient systems that aid in informed decision making. Resilient, modern software systems is the need of the hour for the manufacturing sector.


The construction sector has immensely benefitted from the use of technology as has almost every sector globally. Right from software to make a structure design easy to on-site project management, the construction industry is embracing technology in newer and advanced ways.

Considering the various stakeholders involved in making a building, real-time management of the design of the building becomes a challenge with traditional methods. Hence the use of technology to design, manage, share and collaborate the building design has made things more efficient and well-rounded for all stakeholders.

On-site project management is another important area which uses technology to reduce time taken, reduce costs and improve overall building quality. Also monitoring construction activities on large sites can be a daunting task to perform manually. However, with the use of technology monitoring projects, detecting faults has become simpler.

On large construction sites asset management also is very essential. Performing this task manually becomes time consuming and inaccurate. But with technology such as RFID and electronic tags, this has become much easier.

Interestingly at Agathsya Technologies, we have worked on some unique projects in the construction industry. To list a few-

A mobile app using 3D technology for a Indian based construction design company.
A web and mobile app for a startup for rebar inspection at the construction site.