A New Year, A New Milestone!

Celebrating Agathsya’s Anniversary!

It’s Seven Fantastic Years of Annual Day Fun at Agathsya Technologies!

Unveiling Talent: Month of Discovery!

In the spirit of marking our 7th anniversary milestone, we are proud to present an array of exhilarating talent hunt events at Agathsya Technologies.

Every Week
Adventure Unfolds

On a quest for This Year’s Champions!

The success of last year’s events inspired our return. Let your zeal shine and guide your team to greater heights.

Team Scores so far!

7th Anniversary

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Celebrate Together, Triumph Together

A 7-Year Journey of Excellence @ Agathsya Technologies

Agathsya Technologies’ 7-Year Anniversary Milestone.

Our Cornerstones: Excellence and Employee Well-being.

Here’s to the journey ahead!

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A Glance of our 6th Anniversary

Reliving the Magic: Agathsya Technologies’ 6th Annual Day Recap

Buckle up for a nostalgia ride with Agathsya Technologies, celebrating seven amazing years of Annual Day fun! This video captures a whirlwind of the wild