Short Film Making



Short Film Making Event Summary:

Agathsya Technologies’ Short Film Making event was a creative showdown between two talented teams, Team Adviteeya and Team Vanguards. The rules of the competition were clear: the entire team had to participate, the theme revolved around a software engineer’s dream, and teams had a time limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes to create their films. Both teams delivered compelling narratives. Team Adviteeya’s film followed the journey of a determined software engineering aspirant, capturing the dedication and hard work needed to fulfill a dream. In contrast, Team Vanguards took a humorous route, portraying a software engineer’s comical struggles in juggling regular work while aspiring to become an entrepreneur. Each film conveyed a meaningful message and featured songs and dances with clear dialogue delivery. Teams were even allowed to venture beyond the premises for video shooting, adding a touch of authenticity. Notably, both teams refrained from using visual effects (VFX). These films showcased the diverse talents and creative approaches of Agathsya’s employees in storytelling and filmmaking.  

Team Approaches:

Team Adviteeya:
Team Adviteeya’s film captured the essence of perseverance and hard work. They portrayed the struggles and triumphs of a software engineering aspirant on the path to realizing their dream. The narrative was heartwarming, emphasizing the dedication required to succeed in the field. The team used emotional storytelling, showcasing the protagonist’s growth.
What Adviteeya Say?
The Short film Title is Rising through beyond the bugs. A tale is about a normal guy who wants to work and progress in the software industry, and the hurdles he experiences after entering the company, and how he overcomes those obstacles to grow and gain value in the same organization. Message: Believe in yourself, work hard on your dreams, and success will find you.  
Team Vanguards:
Team Vanguards took a humorous route, focusing on the aspirations of a software engineer to become an entrepreneur. They used wit and comedy to depict the challenges faced by the engineer in a light-hearted manner. The film effectively blended humor with the theme, highlighting the relatable aspects of the journey. Their unique approach added an element of entertainment to the event.
What Vanguard Say?
Short Film title is Tale of Every Bengalurien! The story represents Every Software engineer who has the vision of building their own company but stuck with 9-6 job. Everyone has their dream of becoming an entrepreneur and building their own business. But due to many problems like Money, Support, etc. They are not able to work on their dream and build their dream. This Short film is dedicated to all of those people.  


Date Time League Season
September 4, 2023 1:24 am Agathsya Anniversary League 2023


M Chinnaswamy
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Queen's Road, Shanthala Nagar, Shantala Nagar, East Zone, Bengaluru, Bangalore North, Bengaluru Urban District, Karnataka, 560001, India


TeamGame Points


# Player Position
3TabrezTeam Player
4BhavyaTeam Player
5NaveenTeam Player
7Naga DivyaTeam Player
8AnilTeam Player
9AmoghTeam Player
10ManuTeam Player
12BhargaviTeam Player
13HarshitTeam Player
14YeshwanthTeam Player


# Player Position
17Thirthaprasad SGTeam Player
18SriramTeam Player
19VijayaTeam Player
20Rajesh Sharma sirTeam Player
21SuhailTeam Player
22Akshay Kumar MTeam Player
24Gurukiran KTeam Player
25Rajitha K KTeam Player
26Rakesh D LTeam Player
27Amarnath N JTeam Player
28Sampath KumarTeam Player
29Chandru STeam Player