Product Engineering is a process that starts from the ideation phase of a product and ends in deployment and user acceptance phase. It involves innovating, designing, developing, deploying and testing of a software product.
The phases involved in product engineering are-
Product Conceptualization, Product Design, Product Development and Implementation, Product Quality Assurance, Product Delivery, Maintenance & Support.

Agathsya-Product Engineering

Agathsya-Product Conceptualization
Product Conceptualization
Agathsya-Product Design
Product Design
Agathsya-Product Development and Implementation
Product Development and Implementation

Agathsya-Product Quality Assurance
Product Quality Assurance
Agathsya-Product Delivery
Product Delivery
Agathsya-Maintenance and Support
Maintenance & Support

Applications have become the new face of the web and mobile software and hence application development has now become an essential part of a company’s operations. Increasingly, the software development cycle is becoming the application development lifecycle.Phases of application development: Analysis and Definition phase- involves development of purpose, goals and requirements Development phase- involves engineering and writing of applications Testing phase- involves application testing, followed by implementation in beta environment to test real-world usability Maintenance phase- once the application is pushed to full release, it enters maintenance phase.

Agathsya->Web applications
Web applications
Agathsya-Mobile applications
Mobile applications
Agathsya-Enterprise applications
Enterprise applications

Agathsya-Embedded application software development
Embedded application software development
Agathsya-Custom application development
Custom application development
Agathsya-Application design
Application design

Agathsya Technologies has developed a framework called “Virtual Extension” that in a way adds Business Value to the companies who intend to outsource their business functions or process to external vendors. The framework is client friendly and makes you feel as it is your own development center/wing. The frameworks are designed to satisfy specific requirements of the clients.
Agathsya-Offshore Development Center

Agathsya-ODC Head/ Program Management
ODC Head/ Program Management
Agathsya-ODC Planning
ODC Planning
Agathsya-HR and Training
HR & Training

Agathsya-Technology & Architecture
Technology & Architecture
Agathsya-Customer Virtual Extension
Customer Virtual Extension
Agathsya-Steering Board
Steering Board

Agathsya-Domain Expert/COE
Domain Expert/COE
Agathsya-Infrastructure and Security
Infrastructure & Security
Agathsya-Quality, Audits and Governance(CMMI, ISO)
Quality, Audits & Governance(CMMI, ISO)
Staff augmentation is outsourcing of manpower on a skill requirement basis or project completion basis for a limited period of time.
At Agathsya, we offer different recruitment and staffing solutions to address client needs

Agathsya-Direct Hire/Permanent Placement
Direct Hire/Permanent Placement
Agathsya-Temporary/ Contract & Payroll Management
Temporary/ Contract & Payroll Management
Agathsya-Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Agathsya-Off-Campus Training and Placements
Off-Campus Training & Placements
Just development and deployment of applications is not sufficient. After spending huge amount of money and time on development, you do not want to have a downtime in your application once it is being used by end users. Agathsya’s support and maintenance services ensures that your business continuity is in place with its robust support and maintenance team.

Support: Level 1

  • Service desk support
  • Monitoring and ticket generation
  • Response to incidence
    and appropriate resolution
Support: Level 2

  • Production support for server, applications and database
  • In-depth technical support and deployment
  • Adhering to SLA compliance for incidence response and resolution
  • Updating of ticket
  • Escalation
Support: Level 3

  • Analysis of bugs, fixes and deployment support
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Root cause analysis
  • Minor/ major augmentation and deployment support
  • Complete support to be provided to level 2 team